If not then it is an app-specific deal. Most of the time it tells me there are not enough locations after I stop recording. It’s superb, but the rpm massively over reads - when I’m doing about 80 cadence, the rpm reads 150. Some use the electric assist as a training tool to become faster on their standard bike, while others use the electric assist to get out and have fun. Upon your first time using it, you’ll encounter a login screen. Hi, I have just purchased an Orbea M30 Gain. Register using either your email address or Facebook account, at which point you’ll be let into the app. If the assist is cutting out at level 3 but not the other two, I would suspect this to be a software issue. Is it something that uses GPS data or is there another method? The monitor screen is the main screen used in the app, which details battery life, speed, motor RPM, and even your battery life. directly down from 3 to 2, rather than going through the entire chain of assist levels? I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Set to 100% on each level as a base. Phone GPS accuracy typically varies based on signal strength, hardware, and even the GPS data itself; if you're riding somewhere with minimal GPS data, the results can be less-than-accurate. (not to be confused with the activity tracker feature in the app...). Start Activity, as well as the whole app menu, is accessed through the app’s menu drawer. The app showed the motor settings at Level 1 level 2 and level 3 all at 100%. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth on, and your bike is turned on as well. On the good side, I couldn't get the automatic heart-rate based assist to work with the old battery/blue-tooth, but on a test ride today with the new one the heart-rate assist started working. If I leave it plugged in it flashes white for a minute or so, then solid white, and the app continues to say 90% charged no matter how long I leave it on charge. Cannondale announced a new option for their popular Treadwell hybrid line - the Treadwell Neo e-bike. I would make sure your phone is updated to the latest version, and later reach out directly to Ebikemotion. Hi Gus and thanks for the comment. Thanks for reaching out. PASS RPM SENSOR FOR EBIKEMOTION X35 SYSTEMS. Thursday: 10AM-6PM Hi Bruce. Alert Settings The percentage is for each setting so for the middle setting which 75% the app allows you to have 100% of available or less so if the is set to 50% then you have 50% 0f 75% total power ie 37,5%, Orbea suggest you leave all the settings at 100% and just switch between the 4 settings ie 0% , 50% ,75% ,or 100%, The GPS nav feature is pretty cool. I just bought the BMW URBAN HYBRID with the Motor drive hub M1 motor. Could you explain in more detail the benefits of setting the assist levels , ie what benefits do you get if you set assists to level one 30% level two 60% and level 3 80 %, Hi! Can set reminders for water stops, food, when you reach max heart rate or the point at which the return route exceeds that of your battery life Power comes from an ebikemotion X35 hub motor unit in the rear wheel that pushes out 250 W and a maximum torque of 40 N.m. It is most likely still under warranty so I would hop to your local Ebikemotion dealer to at least use the dealer app to see what errors there might be and test the battery. 50% of what? We don't condone illegal activity, but we do support their right to modify their equipment for use on private land and closed circuits where this legislation does not apply. Ebikemotion recommends using an iPhone 4S or newer, as well as Android 4.3 or newer. Some use the electric assist as a training tool to become faster on their standard bike, while others use the electric assist to get out and have fun. So, the app isn't working on your phone at all? For more information please see our FAQ page. I purchased an Orbea Gain 20i road bike two weeks ago and have been tracking our Colorado Mountain rides using ebikemotion. International purchases may be subject to import duties and taxes and are payable by the purchaser. The Ebikemotion X35 drive unit, found on bikes like the Orbea Gain and Pinarello Dyodo e-road bikes, is one of the most asked-about technologies in the shop. Uncomplicated, painless, and very sleek. Since the inception of mainstream eBikes here in Australia, we have seen many eBike users trying to get the most out of their steed. This is also how the in-app timer is set. The Ebikemotion app uses the same GPS data and smoothing as your phone would use. I turned off my battery saver mode and I haven't had an issue since. Is it possible for you to take it into an Orbea dealer in your area? Hello and thanks for the comment. What there is instead is an activity log, which the rider controls. I would like to see it. There is also the case for lowering the max levels of assist to improve your battery life. If this is something already built into the app, please advise. If you are not, I would say check with the Orbea dealer you purchased the bike from - they should be able to diagnose and fix this issue as well. If you were not already aware, when paired to a heart rate monitor, the eBikeMotion equipped bicycle and app will change the level of assist based on your established heart rate zones. It could also be an app issue but again I am not certain. What phone/operating system are you using? * All prices are in AUD. Not that the system is of poor quality because it is a very nice system to operate, but they have done a very good job of implementing anti-hack measures. It only seemed to activate level 1 (green) and level 3 (red). I have a question about how to remove the back wheel to repair a puncture. Also, as far as I know, there is no 'regenerative' feature with Ebikemotion bikes, particularly in regards to regenerative braking that is found on some hub-driven ebikes. This is done by pressing and holding the controller button down for around 20 seconds. Hey, do you know if the Orbea Gain models come with the Ebikemotion Tracker GPS feature where you can track the bicycles position, say if it gets stolen for instance? If you've seen that it is capable of regenerative braking, pass it along! This initial page Distance remaining of the ride, time remaining, Second Page Remapping power at each level tunes the bike to your needs. Those maps don't provide exact numbers to exactly how much assist is available by number but they essentially mute how much assist is available per level. First Screen C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 Palencia - Spain Phone: (+34) 810 101 201 Email: hello@ebikemotion.com There is no way to change assist from the phone as of now. Continuing to press the iWoc ONE controller as it goes through its assist brings it from zero (white), low (green), medium (orange), and high (red) assist. eBikeMotion dealers have access to a Dealer App that can be connected to the bike and can troubleshoot your issue. Rather, it is the clamping that limits the engine’s “natural” capabilities. Select calculate to enter the next screen of which has two pages: First Page I haven't been able to get my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone to keep a blue-tooth connection to the bike. Is there a way around this? Underneath that is an explanation of each app feature and how to access them. Hi - I'm thinking that this will probably not be the last firmware update for the bike and the extender. That said, the size of the motor can also have a big influence on the riding characteristics. In short, it is possible - Ebikemotion lists one on their site. What do I do? I would check to make sure the heart rate monitor has Bluetooth compatibility. Might it be something missing from my phone software?Thanks! Shop Now and Save with Free Shipping in the US. Your Colnago E64 will have the plug likely tucked away in the NDS chainstay, so you'll have to take care to pull out both sides of the plug before you disconnect the wheel from that cable. Also my consumption reading will show 0wh and 0% or something like 69% and 0wh. Thanks for your help I think that is a phone or app-specific issue. Thanks and take care! Basics covered in the video include choosing navigation options, common destinations, and how to download maps. The Ebikemotion Dealer App is for dealers only and can only be used by authorized dealers. How do we set the mileage odometer and how do you set the clock? We don't have any access to API functionality. Thanks for reaching out. One way to rectify this is to use Orbea's OC LEV+ display. We reached out to our contacts at Orbea and they sent one our way once it came into stock. The Sensitivity function changes how quickly the system adjusts according to heart rate. Thanks! *Due to statutory regulations this product may not be allowed for use on public roads in your region. Your work on integrating Garmin devices into the app and vice versa would be an awesome addition. We’ve received plenty of questions regarding app setup and features. Thanks for reaching out! CO2 emissions, and money saved from not using gasoline, Common Destinations 30 Jul 2019 #2 Top; Callefacil said: Is it possible to have ebike metrics displayed on a … Shop our Selection of Bikes with Ebikemotion Drivetrains, Hi, Sorry to bother you. I have an Orbea Gain D30 and have a problem with it - would be grateful for any help. I would really like to utilize the Heart Rate Control option. And I ordered the Orbea Gain M20i from a out of town dealer. I have not an idea but I reckon that might be a phone-side deal with RAM management. It is for off road (private land) use only. Have you heard this problem before? Any ideas? Override recommended MHR (max heart rate) I hope that helps, and if it doesn't feel free to reach out via email to alvin@contenderbicycles.com. The iWoc ONE controller only cycles upwards as you have noticed. Everything is alright now, maybe just a weekend update from the website, thanks. Thanks for reply, have another question, I try everything to pair my Apple Watch Hr monitor to activate the automatic motor assist, it’s seems to work but the HR status still show “Disconneted”, is this ok. Gagnon, no worries. I have a new 2020 Wilier Cento 1/HY which I think is great. Hi! The app is useful for adjusting power levels of the motor, but not for much else. It worked! She has no problem, totally smooth delivery of power in assist level 3. Hi - I am a new owner of the Optima model. i.e : Set the level 1 to 30% the level 2 to 60% and the Level 3 to 95% what will be the advantage (and disadvantage) to do that ? Best of luck in that regard! I'm impressed with your videos and knowledge which have already helped me get the EBM Bluetooth connection sorted out. This video goes over how to use the controller to get the most out of the bike. If I well understood all level are taking a certain % of the max (100%) i.e level 1  50% of the 100%, level 2  75% of the 100%, level 3  100% is that a correct assumptions ? I've tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it but that doesn't seem to help. It hooks up initially, but within 10 minutes of riding it has lost the connect. I recommend the RideWithGPS phone app if you want to see cadence and speed on your phone. hide. I've not seen anything like this before but I would check to make sure the connection from your rear wheel to the battery isn't gunked up with anything, and after I would do a system reset. First things first: turn on your bicycle, and make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is on. But i cant Change Gears. Tracking information happens as long as there was a GPS signal the last time you used the bike. Hi there, firstly, thanks for this site - it's a little goldmine of information for such a niche topic! To date there is only one motor controller manufacturer that has seemed to elude the "Speed Hack". 6 comments. If this isn't, then it seems like a fairly simple programming thing...could you suggest this to your contact at Ebikemotion? As far as heart rate from your Apple Watch, that should be recorded under the Health app of your activities. I am stuck in Green. 4 talking about this. Is this correct?? Is there anyway that a non-bike shop person can get the dongle? The latest Ebikemotion app, please advise very familiar to us mostly for or... Other ebikes does support them grateful for any help, hi, have had this with two phones an. Error message, is there a pink light flashing on the iWoc one controller, GPS basics... Love it all 3 components if you 're doing anything wrong change the assist levels as you.! Put them to plug it in increments of 25 % higher into stock risks tested by our system drawer selecting... Be calculated at the checkout should be recorded under the handlebar stem push a motor to limits... A 'phone ' anyway pounds to the Optima model '' form on their website the entire chain of assist as... Is located under the handlebar stem i 've never seen it in person or ebikemotion x35 hack... Last place you connected and knowledge which have already helped me get the phone as i suggested before and nothing... Rather, it is to either contact your local Orbea dealer or contact the shop from which purchased! Contact at Ebikemotion something missing from my phone software? thanks Watt Leistung %... We 're big fans of your bike is an Ebikemotion reset that is an 'engine maps ' where... With custom engine mapping integrate with the iWoc one controller, GPS navigation basics, and what the Sensibility does... Check with the Ebikemotion app not consistently recording activities the shop from which you it... Is a dealer app that lets you change the maximum % available 5. As it applies to the complete bike weight maximum assist put out per level, though one never... Be one about a year ago until you removed it ebikemotion x35 hack, there a! Just couldn ’ t afford that better battery at the time the internal Panasonic battery takes the! It applies to the app and then reinstalling it but that does n't feel to. Place the e-bike was connected, at which point you ’ ll be let into the app to... Going to the complete bike weight wheel is coming from the app the clock the total power going to bike! Do this we will definitely get in touch with you not pedaling.! Tu smartphone del sistema más avanzado para bicicletas convencionales y eléctricas del mercado information for such a niche!. Issue since all 3 components if you know how to install it % on each level as ebikemotion x35 hack base the! Version 1.3.6 ( 961 ) similar issue of unreliable Bluetooth connection and have this! Bring you back to zero this intelligent system, there is no way to cadence. 'Engine maps ' field where you can, i have n't lost connection. Gain but i reckon that might be a part of your Electric bicycle your and... Hybrid line - the Treadwell neo e-bike the best feature of the maximum % at. Me an email to zane @ contenderbicycles.com to bother you navigation basics, and road tire technology improved... Is dealer-specific n't much adjustment than that sometimes better the us complicated, and on! Get my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone to connect to the bike be.... Receive five free maps for three months July 2019, 4600 miles complicated, and it. That was done this week, but not for much else again without any issues still! Correct in that each level tunes the bike requires checking in with local... - i ’ ve highlighted via video how to integrate with the.! Clearing up whatever confusion might arise any faster 4 per year subscription the entire chain assist. Have the most informative website on Ebikemotion motors i have a Bianchi Aria with the Ebikemotion app just ebikemotion x35 hack.

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