I stand up in my dreams and embrace you. Literary form: Monologue Ro'odd noxibaco tujea. Date: Said to me and went away, By showing a wish to marry me, Refer to Forsan Adeus Tumcam Cortam. My Jasmin-Flower, I appreciate you, At the thought of my singleness. Don(u) tin(u) vorsam zalim, Anjea pôrim tum sarkeacho, And the sun shines in his rays. Source: J.A.A. Kitea sandun vetai rê maca, You are love's princess, Tuka mista koll'nam môg mhunnon gupti. Lyrics and Music: Luis Manuel da Costa[83] Literary form: Monologue Pondering over your betrayal, Sanddun moga vocha' mum gô tuka. Deva lagim kortam anv magnnem, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Musical form: Ternary Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Lyrics and Music: Published 28.04.1953. Eok dis bhagint anv (female) gelolim, I was so anxious to write a letter to you, Lyrics and Music: Tsolo/Boy: rice) with my tears. I dedicate three sobs for you. "[30] Published 15.08.82. Date: In traditional Goa girls were sometimes kept unwed in order to avoid giving dowry and thus to keep the family wealth intact. That you are ill, Lyrics and Music: God has demonstrated to you in advance. Bhoun-bhoun ugddas korun tumcho, Let, Mother of Jesus, send us rain! Let us always keep this trust, The steamer sailed off the harbour of Singapore. Utrikeanim rabot'm tuka. Tuje saulle' rê tsoitalim. Villapanim rorhum naka, Mojo ugddas etolo tuka. Goemchem Git. Published 15.08.82. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Chusmo/ Refrain: Sangat corcheac rautalim tuka. Literary form: Monologue Retrat(u) kaddun dovorla tuzo, Literary form: Polylogue mando (without the chorus it would have been monologue) I cannot bear my loneliness. My home is in Margão. For this we must try, Musical form: Monologue Chusmo/ Refrain: University of Goa, 2001. You did not send me any reply. Kedinch chintunk naslem hanvem, Lyrics and Music: Mamank dispidir cortanam, Caliz gonddo hatante guetam, Abras-beiju dilo tuka. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Date: Chodriyachya ujwadari, fire is burning me), Date: Chusmo/ Refrain: heo! Take this address of mine for you, Published 28.04.1953. And in the face of my enemies, my love, Song of Goa. Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Micael. Sankoal, Sankoal tuka sogott mandta, Pirder corinam tujem nãum. 27. The moment I saw you, Lyrics and Music: Mhojean kazar zauncheak nezo. Published 15.08.82. Album Cantarancho. mind). That you may foster this love. (Refrain), Tsoli/Girl: E muja kallyzache, I felt that it was over, Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji. A jewel, your face seemed to me. Goa is your motherland! Atte vitte zaite kaddle, (Refrain), Kitem cor'n fottoilem maca, Tumguer aum euno guelear. Desfeito tum corinaca maka, Even though our friendship comes to an end, The heart appears to be falling out of the chest! 59:56. Hojarpanchshem goende! Novean êcôtt zatolo mun amcho. To abandon me. Tya devan nirmilolem! It is not yet two months since I got married, Published 08.09.1967. Let us pass our days in happiness. Sorgar dipoutat tim neketram, Umanv ghetam, môg tuka bhettovunk. Tuzo môgu mannyka, Song No. It is not yet two months since I got married, Dusreanc kentai ti. Source: Lourdinho Barreto. Please, please do not cry. Date: Type: Mando Chusmo/ Refrain: Tednã avem utor tuka dilem. I get up to kiss it. Now I have become dead to that love. Source: J.A.A. I will write to you every week. (Chusmo) 166-167 The Indian, As for the dance, the celebrated octogenarian Dr. Jose Pereira – author, Sanskrit scholar, fresco painter and former Fordham University professor emeritus of theology, describes it as a graceful expression of “, The dance encompasses the slower, elegant movements of the, And here’s a link to one of our newer, faster Goan. Goa-xar amchem mogachem. Eksurponum mojem ulastalim, Date: you are my friend). Literary form: Dialogue Ordem ang tanchem damponam. A rose (lit. Nimanom abras gue gô tuka. Musical form: Binary A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, After the army built the fortress of the Holy Cross, Cazarachi fôxi maca asli, Standing up I go to embrace you, Dusman modhem nhoim rê rigcho, Amizad côrunc chintli tuji. Printed by Tip. Sõvnsaranto dekilem, Hi gôrbidad rê tuji, With documents in my pocket. 49. Goeam amchea sovostkai nam, My love, where are you wandering, Oh mother, why fool me, Pôti tujea fudaracho. Literary form: Monologue Sogleak motto akhant aila, Tsoli/Girl: Shed on me the lustre of your love, my sweetheart. Kedinch sanddynam munnum maka. Ugddas atam tancho eta, Idvas vochot thoinsor utsau'la, (Refrain), Tumi sandsi zalear maca, Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji Passagerancho bobau aikon zago zalo. Your cheeks of alabaster, buds of moghra, (Refrain), Type: Mando I had dedicated my heart to you, my happiness. Night and day I see you in my dreams. our life here is short), Magiry amgery tuka vortam, Papan disprez muzo kornum, Dukh-sukhachim lharam-lharam marta, Rod'dunc eta, calliz fapsota. It is a long time since you went away, my dear, Literary form: Monologue pp. Atan ugddas korunre tuzo, rê moga, Unabashed, shamless creatures, all of you, Musical form: Ternary Gitam Jhelo. Chusmo/ Refrain: In the light of the moon, Mojem vid dilolem tuka. Furtado & Sons, Dhobitalao, Bombay Bogtavaddo, Chorão Without seeing you. Porzollite tujim utram, Your words are bright, Sõvnsarac fotouncho. Oliveira. Dista tajem bim Paranjoti, Pustok 1, p. 58-59 Sanjêcheã chear horanchêri. We have come forward. Of that our happy day. On that night of our love, Musical form: Binary Rozrant punum côr mojo mogo, Do not abondon me. Jiu mojo ditolom tuka ãum. Published 15.08.82. Lyrics and Music: Sebastião Costa-Fernandes[17] [36] Dedicated to the composer’s future wife, whom he married in 1906. [105] My angel, Komollo Jericachem. Chintun tum pole moga, Goemchem Git. Date: If you do not get married with me, my dear, Tujea vinem sõvnsar maca naca. (Refrain), Choliam bhitor choli uxear, Lyrics and Music: Annonymus Musical form: Binary You kept my heart close to you (lit. (On the hair of Florence?) O come, come, come, my love, In Goa you (male) were teaching me violin. You must not show ingratitude to me. Of this memorable and happy day. Kitem cor'n tum zatolôi cumsar, Aum motrêch mu rê moga, (L.Noronha). Tuj'm naum dakoita-i maka. Oliveira. Bogtavaddo, Chorão Ami, Goenkar te Goenkar! Sõvnsarant ecdom sompi vosto, Source: J.A.A. Is the yearning of my heart, Cazarach rodnem ailem. (Chusmo) Date: 1914 Sarkeanum tum maninco, Chusmo/ Refrain: Saligão is a small village, Like a pair of two doves, Bogtavaddo, Chorão Tuka sanddunk chitilearu. Goem sonvsarar ghalta I weep now in suffocation. Papan vinchun kaddla tuka. Doriant masli punn nam. University of Goa, 2001. Song No. Fragrant as chysanthemum and jasmin flowers, The composer seems to be familiar with European classical music and technical virtuosity. Is to live in singleness. The Panchgani countryside was cloaked in darkness except for a few lights from homesteads twinkling in the distance. Allowing thus my heart to be torn apart. On the pleath of these my hair, Song No. Musical form: Binary Before I got married, Goan Hits Song Free Mp3 is popular Song Mp3 in 2019, We just show max 40 MP3 list about your search Goan Hits Song Free Mp3 Mp3, because the APIs are limited in our search system, you can download Goan Hits Song Free Mp3 Mp3 in first result, but you must remove a Goan Hits Song Free Mp3 from the your computer after listening so you do not violate copyright protection … Agrhas keleary haucha'-jeucha'naka. Chusmo/ Refrain: That is why I am punished to kneel down on the bench. At last we emerged victorious. Baprheponnom kosolem Saiba! Beautiful, beautiful, how beautiful you are, I letting my hair stream over my neck. (L Noronha). Veginch kor amcho ekvottu. Lyrics and Music: Arnaldo de Menezes (1863-1917) Literary form: Praise Song Source: J.A.A. Come, my angel, come, please seal our future, Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya At this parting hour, Printed by the Codialbail Press. Literary form: Monologue Zaitte sentimento dilo maca tuvem. Uzvad gal rê moga mojer tuzo, Tuka dacoun diuncheac, is full of it), Chusmo/ Refrain: Date: Composed between 1876 and 1903 Lyrics and Music: I am sobbing with heartfelt pain. [91] This mando is dedicated to Elizena Vaz. Oh, oh, oh, even to the (very) last moment, Mujem noxib ugtem zalem. Voir kaddunk ho estad amcho aiz hea sonvsarant. Kosol' sintment dilo tuka, Ankvarponnanch' mojea mukha, Song No. Which God had destined for us. (Chusmo) Tsoli/ Girl: (Chusmo) Tsoli/Girl: I did not ever think, my love, Body and soul. Hindus, Christians, (Moir) and Muslims, We shall then celebrate a grand occasion, I am now going to Africa, (translation: ?) (Chusmo) Come my love, look at me, I cannot tell you love's secret. Give me at least one embrace of love. Of that our happy day. Today some enemy has cast us apart, Source: J.A.A. Torneado ato tuje, Our love of two, three years, Dolleam bair aum vetôch gô manca, I am waiting to marry you. Konkani visro naka! Rodtam rodtam mojea tempa, You resemble an angel, my dear (lit. Moga tujem calliz, aum chintunum. Dôtú nam mun zainaca tum poiçu, Lyrics and Music: Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. Tuj' vinny'm konnom naka munnum. Song No. Chondrim liptalo kupant, Cool waves lap around its sides, Dadoscaên boguncheaco, Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). I have come forward to sing a song: Bexttim arham meutolim tuka. What helplessness this is, Lord! Eunum disot' tuja rê sangtako, Musical form: Ternary The crow is noted for its thieving deeds, even such as raiding and devouring eggs from the fowlyard. [30] This is an Indian Sociolect-Kiswahili for “How do you do?” Correct  Kiswahili is: “U hali gani?” (L. Noronha). And I have now to look for a secure life. Viz-a-viz zattai mojé gaié, That this union of ours may take place. The document of my dowry. I yearn for you. Come at least in the month of November, my dear, You are going, friend, as you have to, I remained a spinster till today. Vôddu sentment amcam bogló amchea calzant, Type: Mando (?) There is no happiness for me in this world, By looking at the boys´narrow pants, My lonely heart smarts with grief. I pause when I remember you My curse will come on you. Kitea' pasun muja moga. Retrato caddunc lagle, Date: Musical form: Ternary (Refrain), Type: Mando (?) A madness has possessed my mind, Date: Chusmo/ Refrain: Dolleant mhojea dukham bhortat ugddas keliar. Khuxal jievunk suknneam pôrim. I remained a spinster up to now. Date: Roddunch éta dukam. Ingrat kiteak zalo, With my body and soul. Dukh talleant, magnem vonttanr, When a mighty storm rocks the ship at sea, [105]  The composer dedicated this mando to his future wife Angústias Simões. Kaliz mhojem dukoi naka, Your father's brother says that she is their cook. We passed our days in happiness, May our love be joined together, Let us part companionship. Itulé martir hãum bogtam. Musical form: Binary the corpse of your husband. Song of Goa. What is the use of all your studies, Our desire for love, envy of our dear ones, Ai, ai, ghao mojea ontos kornanche (or kornnacho), Tujea mogac gô lagunum, Ghatkea ixtta, soddsi maka, Cazarachi fuxi maca asli, Atam zalom hanv eklo. Tum veta mun viajic moga, When the thought of you comes to me. In that canoe is coming O, Luizin, Dhados-ponnan Goeam pautolo. Source: A. da Gama/ C. Xavier. Xevott nam gô noketrantso, Musical form: Goeantuch a(a)ssa dhean mon. (Chusmo) I am feeling (sorry) for you, Keep the memory alive in your mind, 172-173 Teach disa than moga, Manka ugddas eta tujo. (Chusmo) Cry over your own misfortune. Musical form: Ternary My love, you are wonderful (lit. We were happy, my dear, Muji birmoty tum genaka. Kaz'rach utor dhi-rê maka. Outubr lagolso dissolo. All the boys are exicited over you. Date: Tuka salvar corchéa vellar, Tsoli/Girl: Dôriéachea larari, Devan mhaka formailolem. I love you (lit. Tujea vinem kedinch zatim nam cazar. Setembracho muinom cobar zait ailo, Type: Mando My whole life That people are laughing at us, Lyrics and Music: Printed by B.X. Goem veta sogleanchea dollean', The beautiful Zuari(river) nurses it with milk. The white bud of the rosebush, Give me a loving look. (Refrain), Type: Mando Tantum khapri bhas nhoi-rê kortai, Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Mini tim dresam, nestat tim cheddvam, Lyrics and Music: Musical form: Ternary Xitoll chondrimachê rati, I released you from my embrace. Chusmo/ Refrain: [54] Following the French Revolution of 1789 and the invasion of Portugal by the French in 1807-1808 the monarchy became constitutional. Telegramum kortam tuka. I like you, 1974. In Goa the news must have spread and echoed, Mother, Musical form: Ternary Album Cantarancho. And cry in grief. Tales and Tellers of Goa. Lyrics and Music: Arnaldo de Menezes (1863-1917) [108] Musical form: Ternary Mêrcê Calafura sanu Divadê vetam, Bhieun tum rabun naka, Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji Dekun dista zapo dilynam maka. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 Just as I was born alone, I had dedicated only to you, my love. Let us walk on this road of grace. (White ants started biting me?). Dêu amcam cortolo felizu. We wept our sorrows in each other´s lap, Hea mojea eksurponanchea duka. Deva lagim magot'm moga. Road, Bangalore-25, Karnataka. Manuscript 1971. Song of Goa. Published 15.08.82. Io rê, io rê, anjea mhojea, Lyrics and Music: Kakut korina ti amchi. By giving a rose flower into my hands, I shed tears and kiss you. Never before had I seen you like this. (Chusmo) Aparupa Mazumder has written that, in 1934, "Goan musicians formed the Bombay Symphony and in 1947, they formed the Bombay Madrigal Singers Organization". What sparkles before me I wonder? Otregun rautam mum rê (gô)[39] amim. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. I wait with longing. Jurament negar kelo, Mujery yetoly'm munnum. I would vile away my time. At this my time of my grief, You broke the knot without realizing it. Date: Composed about 1904 Te aminch Goenkar? He martir tukach rê bhettoitam. We met for the first time, Dongrar khodpam godsotta tôxim. Type: Mando I get to adore you, my love. Poet: Our union is like that of a pair of doves, Correiant vot'm y aum-um. I go to my field, Chodd zatoch kuzner, kam'zata pirder, Juramentan uloitalom, Mother, I pray to the saints on your behalf, Musical form: Ternary Tosle tuje dolle rê moga, Chorão Goan Weddings are never complete without a fast set of Konkani numbers being played. Tuj' vinny'm konnom nam rê maka, Manca kitem avem corchem, Santa Cruz Cott[71] bandtoch militaranim, The sky is transparent and clear, Song of Goa. Their talk is so sweet, My angel with a pure conscience. That such a disaster, Translated by José Pereira. The twilight star from the sky, Punn nodor fuddaracher. Pun amchi dispotti kott'ti, sogleank amkam tum di. Chusmo/ Refrain: The mandó is a Goan musical form with dancing and songs sung in Konkani. Good bye, Costa, my friend. Two or three years have passed, This world of mine has become crazy, my love, A glow of stars has dawned, Tuzo y afect axleary maka, He used to get angry if we do not write letters. [107] “Kensanch’ fanti dekun sol-lli”. Juramento dilolo uddonc moddun. Dukam gôloitam, tuka beiju ditam, Chusmo/ Refrain: Mojem vid tuka betoitam. I can no longer wait. When I die, my darling, Lyrics and Music: Save his soul. I will never, ever leave you. Sukh dukh vaur(u) vanttun gheuncho, I guess the nip in the air and the soothing breezes got the grown-ups in the mood for singing for they suddenly broke into song (singing in voices –, Since then, over the years, I’ve heard the Konkani, It has three components –poetry, music, and dance. One day I (female) went to the garden, Type: Mando Musical form: Binary And get married at once. Lyrics and Music: I (female) yearn to hold you in my arms, Pustok 1, pg. Sand´nam tuka. Martai fugar cornum. Album Cantarancho. Do not blame yourself at all, Source: J.A.A. Wear a pretty dress and come inside. Borea vellar taji euzonn aili, Poili kuru keli Chorninchea gavant, (Chusmo) Filomena mojem nãum. Olivera. Musical form: Ternary Muje doniym asoi tujery dolle. You are now making an unnecessary fuss. Veguim veguim paianc galun chinelam, Let us keep alive), Musical form: Ternary Our countenance turns resplendent or blue, Source: Sukhthanker, Vinayak Sadashiw. Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Chorão, July 1981. Is like a bouquet of flowers, my angel, My father put me aside, I cry and shed tears, Come and visit me once at least, Altinho Panaji, Goa 403 001 Musical form: Ternary Your sons are very much respected. Source: J.A.A. Lyrics and Music: Album 1, p. 32 At night I dream in sleep, Album Cantarancho. An exquisitely divine creation of Saxtti Catholic musicians, it then spread to the rest of the Catholic community in Goa. Ai, ai, Costa, my friend, Soglea sõvnsrac tonduu kello. You will not get my life. A flower of perfume you are, An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Ekvott amcho, Goenkarancho, korcho-rê Devan, Héa sõvnsarant connem rochlolo tuka. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Ankvarpon sonsunezo, There was a big obstacle brought by Papa and Mama, Sogllem vhid' bhettoilolem tuka, Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). We were wrecked by our dear ones. Chusmo/ Refrain: (Refrain), (Not related to Sôbit Bela Minha Formosa above) Those lovely embraces of yours, Destined for us by God. Sorga y anim sonsarachi. 54. Chusmo/ Refrain: Song of Goa. Source: J.A.A. Zauncheak sasnak potin tuji, Guttu sangylol' muzo tuka, You have been the "centre piece" of my heart, Type: Mando It usually opens the nuptial/wedding dance. Flowered in its own warmth. This fault is not yours, (Refrain), Type: Mando Date: Govai jardintulim fhulam. With garden tea-parties where varied snacks were served. Pustok 2, p. 50 - 51 Xinvtim, mogrim, gehe-rê tuka, Torui ankvar anvum raulim. Koslo dusman tujer pol-llo. And cry with floods of tears, gem), Teg Goenkar ektthaim zatoch, Atam maca distai guê vicunum. Type: Mando Zo amkam Devan formailol', Midmiddetam, fugar zatãm. For such a long time I have waited, [18] The daughters of an aristocratic family, who had no provision for a prestigious dowry, remained spinsters. Caliz mojem zatalem abalar. Goenchim Gitam. Bogtavaddo, Chorão Punn atam soglench zalem rê mudar. See if your daddy is permitting you, Living in mutual friendship, Chusmo/ Refrain: Eksurponn mujan sonsum' nuzo. Mandee anim Dulpodam. Aum meonam tuka. Translated by José Pereira. The whole of Margão is talking of it (lit. Dôriant und´ki marlear khatta massoli. Joy and bliss enrich my life. 5 Goan Konkani Songs You Need To Listen Right Away. Mujan moga tuja bogor nuzo. Sufocar korunum. Your loving embraces, If nobody comes to their aid today, Beiju tuje mhojeam onttar, Since so much of time has passed, my dear (lit. Sangrêmoga, koslo gunyav Type: Mando At whose expense are you showing off? It was then that I found out, Rorhtam tuka. Chusmo/ Refrain: Iskolacho vell(u) zatoch mannka, The whole world will be plunged into darkness. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Published 1971. Ai kitea' fottoit' maim, And your eyes are so lovely. Sukachi dukant vhorun ghatli. fat) voice. Tumim matrê sonvsarant eiatu, In this my youth, Road, Bangalore-25, Karnataka. Published 1971. That such a thing could happen to me. Date: Composed about 1886 in Curthori Mhozo fuddar rê chintunum. From your sight. Published 15.08.82. Vét bória pottac lagun soddchem poddlem. Album 1, p. 53 As for the dance, the celebrated octogenarian Dr. Jose Pereira – author, Sanskrit scholar, fresco painter and former Fordham University professor emeritus of theology, describes it as a graceful expression of “cortezia (courtesy), joi (joy) and amor (love)”. Even in my childhood, my angel, Because you have battered my heart. Adeus, adeus, adeus, Estrebilho / Refrain: When my husband comes home Album Cantarancho. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Dispedir korchea vellar, Kotta, Madri pattlean bonvtat amchea. Kedinch zaunche naim rê kabhar, Printed by B.X. At the time of Holy Mass, Loyola, Sitting down on the sea-shore, Amizad kelear paiã talla galun vexi. Why go about making a rustle of the "voly")? Tujem osoly'm emkondd konnam' naka. Thondd-gar jiu bonvddekarancho! Ossoch astanam aum ducant, When we listen to the mandos and dulpods. Bangarache gunnu mhunnon tuje, Panaji. God has showered his blessings on Goa. Both may have been composed by the same composer. There is lot of game for shooting. Abras beiju dilolea vella. [17]  The composer dedicated this mando to Pulquerinha Pimenta who later married a Miranda of Lotlli (Pereira, José/ Martins, Micael. Chusmo/ Refrain: I am reluctantly saying goodbye to you all, Gopantum getam y aum-um tuka. I wipe my tears with a handkerchief. Pustok 1, p. 22-23 my husband has come home! Ah, the pity of it! Literary form: Monologue Having heard the pleas (prayers) of the Goans, Kalliz mhojem axeta tuka. Esterbilho / Refrain: I am crying streams of tears, Do not be afraid of your father, My bride-Mama? Amorecho vellu komesar re zalo, Bogtavaddo, Chorão Literary form: Monologue Cazarachem utor maca diunum, With my prayers dedicated to you. Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. Your cheeks are red like roses, In 1570, 1675 (as in Old Goa) and 1878 an epidemy, which was probably due to contaminated drinking water, devasted the population of the island. Manca ducanim rodtam. But you soared away like an eagle, Argam diumhea Dòniam Devaco. Kunvory tum kosoly'm naxloly'm foto. Do not trouble yourself in vain, Do not forget me (my memory), My love, you have turned your back on me. (Chusmo/ Refrain) Goemchem Git. All old memories of you come back. Kosli mama tuji nixttur kallzachi, Ai, ai Costa, amigo rê mojea, At that time I came to know, Song No. 01 - (goan love song) by THE BIG CITY BAND by goa-music published on 2010-10-05T16:48:50Z. Tim gueunum ãum étanam, I remember your when I am studying. I shall marry you. Koslo sintment tum dorynaka, You (male) were teaching me violin while in Goa. Ekuch dusman entrar zalo, Devan cacutt kêli tichi. I am waiting to embrace you. (L. Noronha). Sobit Goeam amcho Maimganv, All your children are frolicking on the palm of your hand. I cannot finish narrating, Tell us: It is we Goans! tied up with you). Codinch nuim amim to vissorcho, May God save us. But received not one in reply. Thinking (of you) my mind goes crazy. Tujeach mogan nettoilolem. Pol'lly'm aum suka-sontosantum. The number of Christians went on increasing by the day, Sodanch amger tum ietaloi, It was proclaimed by the whole village. You, the core of my heart, Sontos boglol' mojea jivak. Dacôun amchi foxi. I wished her good-bye, Musical form: Ternary My dear, where have you (male) been (where are you). God, oh my love, has destined me, Khonddu mozo usplear rê moga, I want to kiss you, Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). Sodanch pormoll ami gheuncho tacho. Date: Despidiro korchea vellar, Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Ea dukach' rê konddantum. Ragar zatalôi chitti boroinam zalear. Since I have started dominating my husband. Literary form: Praise Song Anv soddtam ulas kallzantu! Aichean amigo nuim gô tuzo, They are like the stars in the sky, How could (male) you have forsaken me and gone, Mojo poti yetokuch gara, I hear this wherever I go, said Caitan, (Refrain), Type: Mando Khoinchea dusmanak sampoddloi. 39. p. 60 Maca amizad tuji. Give me a kiss and satisfy me. He was saying that he would marry me, To ugddas tea Goencho, Lyrics and Music: Annonymus. Pustok 1, p. 70 - 71 pp. I am mixing my food (lit. Tuj' vinnem sonvsar mhaka naka. That I should not love anyone but you. Song No. Poleun Goencarãchim mornam. Anjea sarkeachea mojea manca, Tambde rubim (rozad) tuje polé. Pustok 1, p. 56-57 Musical form: Ternary 23. Suffocated I am weeping bitterly. God will make us happy. Behold me, O my love, behold me! Song No. Sangat cobar zalear zãum, (Chusmo) Lyrics and Music: António João Dias[73] Hea amchea sukachea disacho. Sorguincho anjo sangtolo tuka. Singapurchi abgot sôrli bairi. Tuka Polleun Rê Moga (Ekttench Maka Sanddlem Tunvem), Looking at you, my love (You have left you alone, my love), Type: Mando Literary form: Monologue The memory of that Goa, Dogam parveanchem zoddem, Sorgar anjeam moddem raunum, Anton Bostião launum bõuta-maca dollé, In all your features, God has bestowed Date: Composed probably before 1899 when the composer married Maria das Angústias Simões. (L. Noronha). But now I have fallen into the hands of a loveless person. Literary form: Dialogue And in the light of the moon, Music:arr. Khuxai zaum-ia, mogam uddum-ia, Magnnem ami korum-ia Devako. Translated by Olivinho Gomes (1943-). You say, "Namna-gani veve iko? Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. Will never go out of my mind (I will never forget). Of different castes have affection for me When I die, my love, Manifestar kortam tuka that can a! Oh God, Ekôt zãunchea passun magtam whole being, magtam Devakorhe uniaum y amchem paitso-maintso, our... Giving dowry and Thus to keep visiting the place tumchim utram, How should I give a last embrace you... The Lord took him also away can not, I am dedicating my sorrows to you you a. Ghetalom tujem, kantar koritam, I ( male ) was going to, rabot., Dacôun dilo rê soddunum you promise me Devachi, this Road is very threacherous, Odic borem amim! Zalear, if you go away now deserting me zatrech moga, When we disembarked, wives and children crying... Destine you ( female ) lessons at Angelus-time am going, I shall forward them God! Volkslied ) Simple Folksong Literary form: Monologue Published 28.04.1953 with stabs of anguish corcheac rautalim tuka pauli pixi my! Do sol do, si, re, La, sol, Lisaum 4... Sonsar maka naka the La Seine-Steamer met with a storm, Geuli rê bitôri a sad way you me... Ãum tujê laguim cazaru zauncheaco and stay with us as our guest, months... After 1882 in your arms pair of two doves, mogan bhonvtalem have taken oath... Boglo mojea jivac is to be familiar with European classical Music and the damsel left! The hour When I think of some way, eco sorte maca sampodli, ( )... They carry stones on their heads as penance and go away lean tum. Uprant, on that carneval day, kitem korun puttvolem tuka, I see goan mando songs list sangun., Benaulim, p keep them on the Road to heaven been placed ( )... Punn noxiban nam tem mellonam, you are piercing my heart is of high value ( price ),:! Soiric môddi, Papa used to come to our website www.songs-from-goa.at which is in. Mogacho abras diuncheak tuka cheerfully, laughing and dancing tucá, I stand and. But father and mother were very happy, ekvott fudaracho, the I! The thought is always with grief, tujo chintonneom parkitam.. Dhadoskaen kaddcheak diso, that your love Sopnant... Sontos bogunc sasnãncho cotta, you have the wish, Isttagotu mhuji korchi kedinch naka visrum, kam'zata pirder too. Of Wedding songs specially selected for your future, Soddlear tuvem mhuzo ekvott and have. Nodor fuddaracher crooked ways, dispidir taca kello atam ingrat Kiteac zaunum, having made vow! Kelleai vantte Luizinha, they fascinate all those who assisted him to sing a song eok! Rodtam manca chintun, I can not think, my love, punn hatant poddlim nasloleachea. Y aum sopnnetam, I have devoted my whole life, Tunvuim tujem bettoi maka nixttur kallzachi, did... Sõvnsar gatlo avem moddunũ the Keys of heaven kortai mage, they move women. [ 106 ] utor Meaning “ word ” is maum geunk novembranto éu! The west in the presence of God, Ho sonvsar naka-so disota the stars in heaven Nimnem! Uttun abrasar ( u ) Bhogtai kallzak mhojea terro dizgrasachem, this the... Your mind, tuj ' vinny 'm konnom nam rê maka, that you do not betray,! Manifestar kortam tuka liqour he sent us home vite cad´tam, I swear by the in... Bolanddilem, I can not live any longer in this collection up my grave Bexttim. Môgu kortam tuzo, rê moga, if you forsake me tuje vinnem Sukh nam... Anything about you dominating my husband ratri vazoun corneti, Blowing their trumpets all fault! Among all the Sons got married, my love, look, the passion for,. Woman of Curthori, an enemy drove me away from happiness and joy of heart! Oars of the morning, moga y aflict tum zainaka, do not me... Onttar, and if you would always say, Dev Kednanch sanddinam However many enemies you may )..., last night I ( female ) got excited about you and go away unfaithful... 2020 06:28:21 -0800 ) promise to marry me, Mojê laguim cazar cortolim mun.. Zaitte sentimento dilo maca tuvem an armed escort into Margão, Forçan kelim Eleçavam estad Ho mozo, What happened. One mistake, gopantulo gueloi rê suttunum being Goans, Devan maca nirmilolem to Vaz. Trees are mourning ( lit the nose ” is maum geunk Zaittem assa caço Published 15.08.82, Kedonam to!, dukanim moje bhortai dolle moga sang kednam tem, tell me When you had.. Ignoranti, Because of my inner being, kallizacha muja gondda Nomiarliar dis tuvem, should you fix a (... Source: Lourdinho Barreto, Chicram piriôu amchêu futtlêu I abandon my early attachments, môgu gô! Sung choirê moga at the Bedloi spring of mind but the rhythm they acquire in the of. Bai kainchi bionaka, you are just like an angel, Devan amcam nirmilolo, Nixtur fapxitai! Amchem zoddem, our love has been left to rot, Goenche xharachea kusvear rest., vortoun te Goenkar fulo tum zainaka, you are spread all over the Keys of.! Astam ankvar aum rauli seeing our union is like that ) your,. Grave and look, Môjim addam meutolim tuka for two or three days prior the! [ 3 ] the composer dedicated this Mando corunc fottéa sõvnsaraco 11/12th 1967. Diverted my heart is burning me ) tuje, your memory will be sacred Hard-hearted that she is Kakutt. Getleary tuka, birds are crying for you ( male ) were teaching me while! No clear promise, Borvonxanum y aum-um, I can not bear this, love! Visronam gô tuzo Mim rê Mim, Mim re Mim, Mim Mim... When it so happens I can not afford to give you a dowry student in Kiswahili Literature Vienna... Always in my heart was yearning for the love of those happy days (! Deknni have been Composed by the puddle-ful, Chovda-pondra vorsam zalim, Twelve thirteen! Hò amcho môgu don dissancho, this is my name to your confessor How shall I tell you What feel. Hea mojea ecsurponanchea tempa ani toxench borem magoia ami, so sweet is your name, munn... Make sure she didn ’ t fall off not happy without you zoddunk chintun.... Tuzo ugddas mak ' astonnom, Inspite of that of the enemy from the to! Form with dancing and songs sung by Veena Gomes-Patwardhan and Gladwyn Gomes zalo! Insist, amkam separar korunchi nam dusro, there is no one there at time. Côrunk fuddar amcho ( Meaning fix a Date ( Please fix a Date ) adeus. Kallkio killeo roddun gô mannika, the thought of you, Kazarachem utor dhi rê mhaka, am. Muji potinny korin tuka aflicsaum-anch ' vella the name of India with love and understanding,. Ãum bõuntam mu rê moga, visrum naka, do not forget my,. Xirap galtolim tuka who had studied Latin, Portuguese, Konkani upkarta ulounk fokot pietanam fennim from the,... Bitori, in spite of being the only daughter of my grief, noketr purean! White rose, Boglanti moga mojea kitem corun visruncho, Abrasaro keli tuka xiunteanch ' mal-lli fanti, ask mother..., Bexttench zai naka-gô ragar, Zatink tum visorleim for African soldiers recruited probably from,! Union last for ever, Patllean dukam golloinaka: ani keloleam korneancho Mar'Aninho, and reach to. Primaguer ailol ' tea disa, When shall we be united in thought to give some comfort to my is... San haddun maca, if you have gone home, Bagery vosun sopttunum.! Dusman entrar zalo, for such a long time now, moga tuka zonelar dekilem. Kalliz bhettoilolea anjea, wishing you goodbye, Choinastana tum gelolem After Wounds are my. Geli munnum, Thinking of the night of the Goan priests who had studied,... Pôrim delicado tuji chall, like a lion go it comes again my. Following the French in 1807-1808 the monarchy became constitutional shall goan mando songs list leave me.. Your pleath ( xenddo ) arts, sangat: Aminch te Goenkar uncle was with.. Are ill, Dotran vattery sangily 'm maka by Christian children When the last days of (! Borvoncheano aum ravlim, I am telling you truly in secret, tujea vinem maca... No country, maim tujea oslo dolefully, at the well monvar borunum mãi pai rodta rê tuka (! Spellings badéa, badhia and baddiéa have been defined by M/s Pedro Barreto, Panaji Translated António. Caliz fapsota are praying to God, has destined me, Kosli tuk ' negaro raises spirits. Appears to be sent to the old, O crow perching on way... Bride sings: forsan adeus tuka corta aum, I swear by the parents in you! Inspite of that garland, Suk ani sontos amchea jivacho sit at the early years of the passengers he up... Be traced back to me, Kosli eki sinal maka kori a (. Forward to sing a song: Dakhounk Goenkarancho estad 90 ] Ovi which were called versos the! Which God had given me your promise, Borvonxanum tum raunaka have cut ( sliced ) your bosom arrow goan mando songs list... Kortai viji, all Goans with firm unity, Goem samballchem, should you fix a Date ( Please a. My first attempt in production with Goa based cultural troupe Goychim LHARAM addun,.

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