Cockapoo colors can most easily be divided into four main categories: solid colored Cockapoos, parti-colored Cockapoos, phantom Cockapoos, and merle Cockapoos. There are a few anomalies in dogs with other colors such as blue or green, but this is a rare occurrence. As you may already know the Goldendoodle is not a purebred pooch and his looks and qualities will mainly be affected by the generation. If you think that Goldendoodle is only in gold color, you are wrong. People really covet the lighter color coats of a Goldendoodle. Their qualities and those of the F1 generation Doodles are pretty similar. Suddenly one or more pups in a litter can have unique multi-color coats that don’t appear on their siblings or parents. Well, let the girls here at Platinum Goldendoodles help you out! However, what most dog lovers do not know is that they can also come in rare silver and blue coat coloring. Mom is a 40. lb AKC Golden Retriever and dad is a 50. lb. This color is prevalent in Doodles that have multi-colored coats that can either be phantom, merle, or even parti, which we are going to talk about later in this article. This coat color in Doodles is often a combination of the cream and Apricot Goldendoodle. These uncommon coats, although beautiful, tend to cost a pretty penny. See below for examples of each of the primary Cockapoo colors. Depending on the coat colors of its parents and even grandparents, Goldendoodles can turn out to be black, white, cream, golden/caramel, apricot, chocolate, or a mixture of any of those. thus, this color is quite rare compared to apricot goldendoodles or cream goldendoodles. Goldendoodle/boxer mix puppies (smo > Qulin) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. black is oftentimes considered a recessive trait so it doesn’t appear as often as some of the other coat colors. It has been described as a cup of coffee with a generous addition of milk. Diese gezielte Verpaarung vereint die Eigenschaften beider Rassen in sich. Lv 7. It is around the 2 years that the coat begins to get a rustic silver color and the black coat clears away. The genetics behind this illustrious red coat isn’t fully understood by science. It is not always that you get to see Goldendoodles with these coat colors because they are the rarest colors. Goldendoodle coat colors from lightest to darkest: Red; Black; Apricot; Tan parti; Chocolate; White parti; Ultra cream; Champagne; Brown pigmentation; There are rare occasions of special colors and patterns like silver, wookie, wookie parti, and tricolored phantom. Scroll Down to view the different color varieties of our beautiful English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles! Goldendoodles come in various fur colors that can significantly vary even in the same litter. The English Goldendoodle is bred by crossing a white standard Poodle with a golden retriever. Goldendoodle Fur Colors. K locus alleles determine the colouring pattern of a dog's coat. Goldendoodles can come in a variety of colors depending on what color the parents were. The more rare the color and coat type is, the more expensive the dog is. The chances of spotting cream Goldendoodles with the same looks and shades are low. However, there are cases where a double(2) recessive gene can cause the dilution of the color by the dominant gene. Goldendoodles can come in basically an infinite amount of colors. Other Breed Names. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'mydogsinfo_com-leader-4','ezslot_10',163,'0','0']));One of the reasons for this is the resemblance of this coat to that of a teddy bear and also because it is the brightest Goldendoodle color. This is the most common Goldendoodle coat type and is also referred to as fleece coats.