To avoid ATM withdrawal fees in the UK, order the N26 Black card. It boasts an ultra-fast, paperless application process; automatic budgeting tools, fee-free spending in the UK and abroad, and rave customer reviews. Is N26 … Yes, you can open an N26 bank account even if you live in the UK. It follows in the footsteps of Revolut, Monzo, … About N26. N26 Review. You’ll have the capacity to send and receive … It offers many of the most common services that people need, and is one of a handful of new financial service providers like Robinhood (reported to be entering the UK soon) and Revolut. Fintech “unicorn” N26 is hiring so many people, so fast, that holding these new starter days is the only practical way to “onboard” its new employees. Two Years of N26 – a Long-term Test and Review 10 December 2017 Banking free mastercard n26 It’s been now two years that I am using a German N26 free online bank account *, and since it is by far the most popular from all the free German bank accounts presented in this blog , I thought I sum up my personal long-term experience in a test of N26. Yet as all-encompassing as it is, there’s still something missing: an N26 review specific to the UK. UK customers can sign up for N26, along with people in a host of other countries including Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium. Be aware that if you choose to use the free N26 card, the ATM withdrawals in the UK come with a 1.7% fee. Can I use N26 in the UK? N26 is a bank that connects directly to a smartphone. How does it stack up? Card payments in any currencies remain without any additional fees. N26 is the latest ‘challenger bank’ to launch in the UK. N26 Review – The Verdict In summary, N26 is a useful app for those of you that wish to access everyday banking services while on the move. Challenger bank N26 is closing accounts for UK customers on 15 April, blaming difficulties created by the Brexit process. N26 was incorporated in early 2013, in Berlin by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, and have acquired over 3.5 millions clients within the space of just two years. N26 Metal is the digital bank’s most expensive premium product. In January 2019, the challenger also launched its intermediate premium product in the UK, N26 … Other fees and charges include the following: Cash withdrawals outside the UK … Last year, I wrote the most comprehensive N26 review on the Internet, which has since been read by tens of thousands of travelers, digital nomads and online banking enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Currently, N26 … Inside one of N26… “It’s a regimented process,” says Will Sorby, the new general manager for N26 in the UK, who joined the company two months ago. Whilst the standard current account from N26 is completely free, the other two premium options both require a monthly fee to be paid. For N26 You, there is a charge of £4.90 per month, while the charge for the Metal card account is £14.90 per month. This is our N26 review, looking at the UK’s latest ‘app only’ bank. N26 is a digital bank originating in Germany, driven by an intuitive mobile app.